owens buck - "excuse me-crd"


Subject: Submissions

Excuse Me By: Buck Owens

[A] They just don?t know how lost I feel with-[D]-out you
my [E] teardrops never see the light of [A] day
I laugh and joke each time they talk a-[D]-bout you
but if [E] they heard my heart they?d hear it [A] say

[A] Excuse me, I think I?ve got a [D] heartache
there?s an [E] aching deep inside
and it just won?t be [A] denied
excuse me, I think I?ve got a [D] heartache
and I [E] better say goodbye before I [A] cry

Instrumental break [A][D][E][A] 2X

[A] I guess it?s pride that makes me hide my [D] sorrow
I [E] live a lie in all I do and [A] say
my lips may lie and paint a bright [D] tomorrow
but [E] if I told the truth I?d have to [A] say


Instrumental break [A][D][E][A] 2X

and I [E] better say good bye before I [A] cry (3X)