nesmith michael - "joanne-crd"


Subject: correcton Joanne crd

Written by Michael Nesmith

Her [A] name was Joanne
And she [D] lived in a [E7] meadow by a [A] pond Ah [C#m D E7] (Falsetto)
And she [A] touched me for a moment
With a [D] look that spoke to [E7] me of her sweet [A] love
[C#m D E7]

And the [D] woman that she [E] was
Drove her [A] on with [C#m] desper[F#m]ation
And I [D] saw as she [E] went
A most [A] hopless [C#m] situ[F#m]ation
For [D] Joanne and the [Dm] and the
[E7] time that made them both [A] run

She was [A] only a girl, I [D] know that well
But [E7] still I could not [A] see [C#m D E7]
And the [A] love that she had was much [D] stronger
Than the [E7] love she felt for [A] me [C#m D E7]

While [D] staying with [E] her
In [A] my little [C#m] bit of [F#m] wisdom
Broke [D] down her de[E]sires
Like a [A] light [C#m] through a [F#m] prism
Into [D] yellows and [Dm] blues
And a [E7] tune that I could not have [A] sung

Though the [F#m] essence is gone
I [Bm] have no tears to cry for her
And [D] my only thoughts of her are [E7] kind

(Repeat first verse)