newton juice - "ride em cowboy-lyr"


Subject: The "Ride ' Em Cowboy Request"!!!

In response to the "Ride 'em Cowboy" request. I know the words and
would so much like to have the cords also. These words probably are more like the Juice Newton version. There was
a gentleman in the 70's that sang this song also. I can't remember his name to save my soul. He also sang "I am
the Only Sinner Left in Salt Lake City " I can't remember his name.

"Ride 'em Cowboy"

Traveling with the rodeo it's the only life he'll ever know. He started in New Mexico it must have been a thousand
years ago. He used to be the best they say at riding young wild horses for his pay but now he's much to old it
seems he only rides wild horses in his dreams.

They told him ride 'em cowboy don't let 'em throw you down. You can't make no money if you hit the ground. Any
how, Ride 'em cowboy don't let 'em throw you down. Your the toughest cowboy in town.

Midnight was the champion, was the only bronc that he couldn't ride. Now I hear Old Midnights blind and rides
little children for a dime. Ladies used to hang around he must have been a hero in their eyes. His silver spurs
are rusted now Lord, he wished he tried to settle down.


He used to be a traveling cowboy but now there's no place left to go. What is he supposed to do oo oo oo oo. He's
left out in the cold.


Traveling with the rodeo it the only life he'll ever know.

Any way, If you could pass the chords on and possibly the name of the original singer I would greatly appreciate