nitty gritty dirt band - "the lowlands-crd"


Subject: submissions

There was a request for this song a couple of newsletters ago. It's on the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's Circle III album, and features Jaime Hanna and Jonathan McEuen, who are the sons of two NGDB Members. There's one line in the second verse I couldn't quite catch the lyrics, so if anyone can figure them out, I'd appreciate it. It's the one that starts out, We gathered.....the fields.

The Lowlands Nitty Gritty Dirty Band

I'm [G] heading for the [C] Lowlands,

won't you [F] please direct my [D] way

The [G] train is leaving [Am] shortly,

there's [D] no time for de [G] lay

She told me she'd be [C] waiting,

I'm [F] not so sure she [D] is

I [G] think that there's a [Am] nother,

who [F] claims that she is [G] his


[D] Lowlands were my [Am] home,

when [D] I was but a [G] child

[D] They will be my [Am] deathbed,

[D] when I'm past my [G] time

I [G] remember one [C] summer day,

the [F] clouds began to [D] build

We [G] gathered the [Am] crops

and [D] scanned across the [G]fields

It [G] started to [C] rain

and con [F] tinued several [D] days

The [G] river over [Am] flowed

and the [D] crops all went to [G] waste



You [G] know that I'm no [C] failure,

though my [F] victories are [D]few

I'm [[G] trying my [Am] best

but there's [D] too much here to [G]do

That [G]girl I loved once [C] told me

I [F] made her feel se [D] cure

It's [G] hard to think I've [Am] been replaced

but [D] nothing does en [G]dure