nitty gritty dirt band - "i find jesus-crd"


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I Find Jesus

Writer: Jimmy Ibbotson

From Volume III of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band "Will The Circle Be Unbroken"

Capo on 2nd fret

[G] I walk in si -- lence__ when He comes___ this feel[G7]in'

when His [C] sp -- rit leads me [G] on__. If a dog should

bark__ and the night is rough___, I'd [G7] take it as a

[C] sign___ and climb [D] above___. This city to the

[G] hill__, I'm on the clouds___ where [G7] I can [C] see___

my Savior [A] now___. He's waitn' with His [D] palm__

to me out[D7]stretched. His mercy is a [G] palm___

when [D] I'm [G] preplexed.


[G] I find [D7] Je --- sus in the darkest [G] night___

[G7] I find [C] Je --- sus in the mornin' [G] light___

I find [D7] Je --- sus in the face of [G] those___

whose [G7] hearts are [D] sin - gin' with the [D7] Heavenly [G] Host.


[G] Sometimes when I___ feel all alone___

I [G7] look [C] a-round___ and all I've [G] gone___

Friends that I___ re - ly upon_ are [G7] busy [C] doin'___

what they [D] want___. I look with[G]in___ and I am

to - ld It's Sunday [C] morn - ing__ in my [A] sole___.

And there I [D] find___ a Holy [D7] Hall___

where congre[G]ga - tions [D] heed the [G] call___.

Repeat Chorus followed by slide guitar break

[G] And when I lay___ down my last time___ and feel

a [C] chill___ run up my [G] spine___ and rec - og - nize

my time has come___ I [G7] look [C] around___

He'll lead me [D] home___. He reach His [G] lovin'___

hand to me and [G7] then we'll [C] climb___ to vict[A]ory___

where we'll find [D] kin - dred sprits [D7] there___

hearts raised in [G] song___ with[D]out a [G] care___

Repeat Chorus: