novelty - "hello wall no2-crd"


Subject: HELLO WALL No. 2

Recorded by Sheb Wooley
Lyrics by Sheb Wooley
Original words and music to HELLO WALLS by Willie Nelson

Hello [C] Wall!
[C7] I didn't [F] see you standin' [C] there
Did I hurt you? (hello)
Boy, [D7] I sure did hit you [G7] square
Now, one [F] of us is plastered
And [C] I'll let you guess who-o-o-o
Just [F] imag-[C] ine -
[G7] Bumpin' into [C] you. [F] [C] [G7]

Hey, [C] Wall! Hello! (hello)
[C7] Why did you [F] let them move the [C] door
And the ceiling, Hello! (hello)
It [D7] used to be the [G7] floor
Some-[F] one came while I was out
And [C] changed it all around
Or [F] could it [C] be -
I'm [G7] standin' upside [C] down? [F] [C]

That chande-[G7] lier, it's all lit up
It just [C] took a swing at me
And some-[D7] one put the bathtub
Where the com-[G7] mode used to be.

Hello! [C] Bedsheet! Hello! (hello)
I [C7] think [F] I'd better lay me [C] down
You know, I can't sleep; Hell No! (hello)
If the [D7] bed keeps spinnin' [G7] 'round
There's a [F] picture on the headboard
Hey! I've [C] seem those folks before
Son-of-a-[F] gun! [C] I'm [G7] in the house next [C] door. [F] [C]