manders mark david - "three day weekend-crd"


Subject: "Three Day Weekend" by Mark David Manders

Three Day Weekend
by Mark David Manders and Neuvo Tejas
from the album "Tales from the Couch Circuit"

D F#m
You come home from work with that look on your face
G A D F#m G A
I know that's not the place you wanted to be
D F#m
This little apartment's like a prison cell
G A D F#m G A
Sometimes it's a living hell for you and me

D F#m G A
I think we ought to get away
D F#m G A
We'll call in sick on Friday, hell it's only for a day
D F#m G A
And I'd like to make the most of a three day weekend out on the coast
D F#m G A
With you, either coast'll do
Just as long as I'm with you

I've never done anything I planned
But I'd sure like walking hand in hand with you
I want to see imprints of our feet
But that's something this dirty old concrete just can't do

(repeat chorus)

I don't want to hear anymore
I think they can mind that store alone
And it's just an opinion of mine
But I think you ought to mind your own

(repeat chorus)