mcgraw tim - "for a little while-crd"


Subject: songname

This is my first attempt at figuring out chords. If anybody has any
changes, feel free to add them.

"For a Little While" by: Tim McGraw
From his album Everywhere
Words and music by Phil Vassar, Steve Mandile, Jerry Vandiver

Intro: (G)(C)(G)(C)

Verse 1
(G) Hot sun dancing on the river
(G) We'd sit on the bank and watch the world go by
(C) Our feet in the water, she pressed her lips to mine
(G) We were so long on love but short on time
(Em) She could be a honeymoon(D) suite in a little while
(Em) 'Cause she was mine (D) oh, for a little while

(G) I left every time I'd start to think about us
(C) We sent that summer out in style
(G) She's gone but she left me with a smile
(C) 'Cause she was mine (D) for a little while

Verse 2
(G) We'd take a ride and head on down to airport road
(G) Put the seats back and watch the planes leave town
(C) She always said nobody's strong enough to tie her down
(G) Oh, but I wasn't looking for that anyhow
(Em) I knew she'd leave but(D) I didn't know when
(Em) It matters to me now(D) oh, but it didn't back then

Repeat chorus

Verse 3
(G) I keep seeing pictures now of me and her and those summer nights
(G) My mind fills with her oh, but it's alright 'cause

Repeat chorus