murphy david lee - "all lit up in love-crd"


Subject: All lit up in love-David Lee Murphey

All lit up in love
By: David Lee Murphey

Key of G

Note: In the verses each chord is strumed twice in a quick
downward motion...also the first half of the chorus is the same way
after the Bridge.

Intro: G, D, Am, Am7, Am, D, C, G

G D Am Am7
When I saw you coming honey, I could tell
Am D C G
Life is really been treatin' you well
G D Am Am7
There's a change a burning' bright
Am D C G
I'm seein' you in a different light...cause you're

G D Am Am7 Am D C G
All lit up in love, like the lights of heaven above
G D Am Am7 Am D C G
I've never seen you look so good, all lit up in love

(instrumental has same chords as intro)

G D Am Am7
You never told me I was blind
Am D C G
You never said I'd wake up and find
G D Am Am7
Somebody come and take my place
Am D C G
But it's written all over your face....that you're

Solo: intro chords twice

Wish I'd been the one to put that sparkle in your eyes
To see that glow about you girl it's a look I recognize...cause you're

chorus-remember my above note
Instrumental out (same chords as intro) Jason A. Wendtland