cline patsy - "the wayward wind"


The Wayward Wind, sung by Patsy Cline

(G) Oh, the wayward wind is a restless (C) wind,
(Cm) a restless (G) wind, that yearns to (D7) wander.
And he was (G7) born the next of (C) kin,
(Cm) The next of (G) kin, (D7) to the (C)wayward (G) wind.

(G) In a lonely shack by a railroad track,
He spent his younger days.
And I guess the sound of the outward bound,
(D7) made him a slave to his wandering (G) ways.

Repeat Chorus

(G) Oh, I met him there in a border town.
He vowed we'd never part.
Though he tried his best to settle down,
(D7) I'm now alone with a broken (G) heart.

Repeat Chorus.
Sylvia Savage