Roy Clark - "Jesse James"


Recorded by Roy Clark
Arranged by Roy Clark (Up tempo/Bluegrass style)

[D] Jesse James was a man who [G] rambled through the land
And he [D] robbed many a bank and [A7] train
He [D] was the leader man of a [G] bold and reckless band
And [D] many are the [A7] people that were [D] slain.

But, no [G] more Jesse James; No [D] more Jesse James
They laid poor Jesse in his [A7] grave
Jesse [D] went and turned his head; Little [G] Bobby shot him dead
And they [D] laid poor [A7] Jesse in his [D] grave.

(Inst: Banjo/Fiddle)

Now Jesse had a wife; Who mourned all her life
Because of Jesse's evil ways
But she couldn't stay his hand; Or stop the robber band
Her grief made her old and gray.


(Inst: Guitar)

But the end it came at last; From a bullet quick and fast
>From a comrade he trusted in his band
And the deed they said was just; When they laid him in the dust
He had been such a terror in the land.


(Inst: End)