Johnny Cash - "Forty Shades of Green"


Words & music by Johnny Cash

F ---- C ---- Dm7 -- G7 ---
113321 032010 x00211 320001

C7 --- F- --- D ---- G ----
032310 xx0101 x00212 320003

Intro : F///C///Dm7/G7/C///C///

I [C]close my eyes and picture
[C7]The [F]em'rald of the sea
>From the [F]fishing [F-]boats [F]at [C]Dingle
To the [D7]shores of Duna[G7]dee
I [C]miss the river Shannon
[C7]And the [F]folks at Skipparee
The[F] moorlands [F-]and [F]the [C]midlands
With their [Dm7]forty [G7]shades of [C]green [C7]

But [F]most of all I [G]miss a [G7]girl
In [C]Tippera[G7]ry [C]Town [C7]
And [F]most of all I [G]miss her [G7]lips
As [C]soft as eider[G7]down
A[C]gain I want to see and do [C7]
The [F]things we've done and seen
Where the breeze is sweet as [C]Shalimar
And there's [Dm7]forty [G7]shades of [C]green

I wish that I could spend an hour
At Dublin's churning surf
I'd love to watch the farmers
Drain the bogs and spade the turf
To see again the thatching
Of the straw the women glean
I'd walk from Cork to Lian
To see the forty shades of green

But most of all I miss a girl...