carter family - "someones last day"


Recorded by: Mother Maybelle & The Carter Sisters

[1] This Mornin' I Gazed thru the [4] Window so [1] Clear
And I couldn't Help But Shed just a [5] Tear
I Bowed my [1] Head and [4] I did [1] Pray
For I Knew this was Someone, Yes, [5] Someone's Last [1] Day

[1] Someone, Yes, [4] Someone's last [1] Day
Some Soul, is [2-7] Driftin' A-[5-7]-way
Their Life is [1] O'er, on [4] Earth no [1] More
For this is Someone, Yes, [5] Someone's Last [1] Day

When I think of this World, That is so Full of Sin
The Saviour still Calls, But you won't Lis'en
You Might be the One, Who will Pass Away
For Today will be Someone, Yes, Someone's Last Day

It could be some Mother, Who's leaving Today
Her Children and Kin have Wandered Away
So Write her your Love, My Brother, I Pray
It Might be your Mother, Yes, Mother's Last Day


Note. This arrangment is the work of K5UYB and ZOOMER.