Jim Ed Brown - "Pop A Top (Again)"


Recorded by Jim Ed Brown
Words and music by Nat Stuckey


[NC] (POP) POP-A-TOP a-[G] gain [A]
I've just got time for [G] one more [D] round
Set 'em up my [G] friend [A]
Then I'll be gone and [G] you can let [A]
some other [G] fool set [D] down.

[D] I'd like for you to [G] listen to
A [A] joke I heard to-[D] day
>From a woman who said [G] she was cool
And [A] calmly walked a-[D] way
I tried to smile, and [G] did a-while
But it [A] felt so out of [D] place
Did you ever hear of a [G] clown with teardrops
[A] streamin' down his [D] face.


All to me is misery
And here I'm wastin' time
'Cause a row of fools on a row of stools
Is not what's on my mind
But then you see, her need of me
Is not what I prefer
So it's either here a-drinkin' beer
Or home remembering her.