brooks and dunn - "Husbands And Wives (2)"

Husbands And Wives

Written by: Roger Miller


Intro: D / / F#m / / Bm / / A / / D / / F#m / / Bm / / A / /

(The beat is one-two-three, one-two-three; tap your foot).

D F#m Bm A Em A Em A
Two broken hearts lonely looking like houses where nobody lives...

G Em G A D F#m Bm A
Two people each having so much pride inside neither side forgives...

C Am C D G Em Bm Em
The angry words spoken in haste such a waste of two lives...

A A7 A Em A
It's my belief pride is the chief cause in the decline in the number of

A7 D F#m Bm A
husbands and wives

A woman and a man, A man and a woman

G A D F#m Bm A
Some can and some can't and some can't

Em / / F#m / / Em / / Bm G Em A / / / / /

Repeat 1st verse, then repeat intro to finish.

*Got in the mood to play this song because of tonight's Reba and Brooks & Dunn
concert. Wish more country bands would come to California on tour...