blackhawk - "That's Just About Right"

That's Just About Right

Writer: Jeff Black

Progression 1-first 4 lines of every verse (2 beats each):
C Dm Bb F

My old friend lives up in the mountains

He flew up there to paint the world

He says even though interpretation's what I count on

This little picture to me seems blurred
Am Bb
Hard lines and the shadows come easy
I see it all just as clear as a bell
Am Bb
I just can't seem to set my easel to please me
Dm F C
I paint my heaven but it looks like hell

Bb C F
Your blues might be grey, your less might be more
Your window to the world might be your own front door
Bb C F Bb
Your shiniest day might come in the middle of the night
C Dm
That's just about right

He says that I ain't coming down till my picture is perfect

And all the wonders gone from my eye

Down through my hands and on to the canvas

Still like my vision but still a surprise

Real life, he says, is the hardest impression

It's always moving so I let it come through

That my friend you see is the glory of true independence

Just to do what you do what you do what you do


Progression 1
My old friend came down from the mountain
Progression 1
Without even looking he found a little truth
Am Bb
You can go through life with the greatest intentions
F Bb C
But you do what you do what you just gotta do