Jack Greene - "There Goes My Everything"

Writer: Dallas Frazier

I hear [D] footsteps [G] slowly [D] walking
As they gently walk a [A7] across a lonely [D] floor [A7]
And a [D] voice is [G] softly [D] saying
Darling this will be good-[A7] bye forever [D] more.

There goes my [A7] reason for [D] liv- [A7] i-[D] ng [D7]
[G] There goes the [A7] one of my [D] dreams [A7]
[D] There goes my [D7] only pos-[G] session
[D] There goes my [A7] ev'ry-[D] thing. [A7]

As my [D] mem'ry [G] turns back the [D] pages
I can see the happy [A7] years we had be-[D] fore [A7]
Now the [D] love that [G] kept this old heart [D] beating
Has been shattered by the [A7] closing of the [D] door.