James O'Gwynn - "House Of Blue Lovers"

(D)Walkin' slow, (G)head bowed low
(D)Took a table in the (A7)corner
The (D)waiter passed by, (G)I ask him why
(D)They call this the house of (A7)blue (D)lovers

(D)He said you see that man a (G)sitting there
(D)His lover ran off with (A7)another
So just to (D)soothe the blues
For (G)guy's like you, he (D)built
This house of (A7)blue (D)lover's
(G)Welcome to the house of blue (D)lover's
(A7)Stay as long as you (D)like
There's (G)always room for a-(D)nother
At the (A7)house of blue lover's, to-(D)night

(D)Cry all night, (G)that's alright
(D)That's what this house was (A7)built for
I'd like to (D)shake the hand
Of (G)that lonely man
Who (D)built this house of (A7)blue (D)lover's