Jim & Jessie - "diesel on my tail"

Words and music by Jim Fagan

[D] I just pulled onto the highway in my little foreign car
Well, it's raining and the [A7] road is really [D] bad
Never saw that big old diesel, but I heard him hit the air
I've got a feeling that I [A7] might have made him [D] mad.

[D] He closed the gap between us, pushed the pedal on the floor
He's makin' ninety in that [A7] big old diesel [D] truck
I can hear the names he's callin' me above the engine's roar
And the words won't be [A7] found in Webster's [D] book.

There's a [G] diesel on my tail a-making ninety miles an hour
My reflection in my [D] mirror's mighty [A7] pale
I can [D] hear St. Peter callin'
I can [G] almost smell the [D] flowers
Can this compact [Strum/Pause] take the impact [Strum/Pause]
There's a [A7] diesel on my [D] tail.

Well I'm huffin' and a-puffin', as I try to make the grade
And I wish I had some pedals on this car
Man, I'm slippin' and a-slidin' and afraid to touch the brake
For this DOODLE BUG could never stand the jar.


Well, I'm slippin' and a-slidin', trying to hold it in the road
And I'll tell you I've just got to win this race
While I'm tremblin' and a-shakin', he's a-pourin' on the coal
So close that I can steal his license plate.


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