Mel McDaniel - "Real Good Feel Good Song" (Chords)


[G] Did ya ever wake up in the mornin' [C] nothing was a goin' right
[G] Spent the whole night fussin' and a [D] fightin' with your wife
[G] Bills out in the mailbox you [C] know that you can't pay
[G] Then you try to leave for work and your cars been [D] towed away
What you needed was a..

[G] Real Good [C] Feel Good Song
[G] One that makes you feel alright when everything goes [D] wrong
[G] One that makes you move your feet and makes you [C] sing along
You need a [G] Real Good [D] Feel Good [G] Song

[G] A friend of mine was a workin' hard [C] savin' all his pay
[G] Like Jesse James the IRS stole [D] most of it away
[G] Then he got chased by a street gang and he [C] finally found a
[G] He called up the police and [D] they put him on hold
What he needed was a...

[Em] They say music charms the savage beast
[G] And I believe it's true
[C] Man's had it down thru history
[G] When he's had the blues
[Em] He'd find a drum to beat on
[G] And a horn that he could blow
[D] You know it worked for the children of a Israel at the walls of
They brought the house down with a...


You need a [G] Real Good [D] Feel Good [G] Song