Loretta Lynn - "Success"


Recorded by: Loretta Lynn

[1] We used to Go out Walkin' Hand-in-hand
You [5] Told me all the [4] Sweet Things you had [1] Planned
It wasn't Long till all your Dreams came True
SUC-[5]-CESS Put me in [4] Second Place with [1] You [1-7]

You [4] Have no Time to Love me Any-[1]-more
Since [5] Fame and Fortune [4] Knocked upon our [1] Door
Now [4] I Spend all my Ev'nings all A-[1]-lone
SUC-[5]-CESS has Made a [4] Failure of our [1] Home

If we could Share an Ev'ning Now and Then
Perhaps we'd Find True Happiness Again
You never Hold me like you Used to Do
It's Funny what SUCCESS has Done to You


Note. If playing in KEY of C: 1/4/5 = C/F/G