lonzo and oscar - "fingers"


FINGERS [parody of Strangers]
Lonzo & Oscar

[1] It amazes me when I go to the [4] circus
I [1] wave at every monkey that I [5-7] see
But my [1] big mistake was wavin' to the [4] lion
All he [1] did was wave my [5-7] arm right back at [1] me

[1] Everything I had I thought was mine for-[4]-ever
Had a [1] bed to lay my dollar bottom [5-7] on
Smoked in [1] bed last night - shortened my for-[4]-ever
Now I [1] got no bottom to [5-7] put my dollar [1] on

[1] From now on all of my thumbs are gonna be [4] fingers
I'm so [1] tired of making big mis-[5-7]-takes
I'm so [1] proud I got something left to [4] count on
I just [1] figured out that [5-7] five and five makes [1] eight

I bought some new hair tonic at the drugstore
Guarenteed to grow new hair for fifty cents
But I accidentaly spilled some on my tomcat
He's the only cat with a mustache on both ends

Just a year ago I started out a-huntin'
You should see what's in my trophy room right now
But they shore looked silly strapped down to the fenders
Two game wardens, seven hunters and a cow