lonestar - "say when"


by: Lonestar

intro: G Em C D

(G)Youir heart's been broken, you don't want to open

(Em)up to me but(C)can't you see,

(G)All that you're needing is(Em)someone to believe in(D)you

And when(G)you are(C)no longer(D)afraid,

Darlin' (G)I'll be just(C)one word(D)away;


Say(G)when, I'll be(D)there by your side,

For a(G)day, for a(D/F#)year, for the(Em)rest of my life,

I(C)know you're not ready but some(D)day

your heart's gonna (Em) mend (C),

(G)(C)I'll give you love without(D)end, Say(G)when. Em C D

(G)Could be tommorrow, maybe a little farther,

(Em)down the road, your(C)heart will know,

(G)My love is timeless and(Em)you're gonna find it's (D)true,

And no(G)matter how(C)long it(D)takes,

If it(G)means hold(C)ing you I can(D)wait,

REPEAT CHORUS: hold out say when__

I(C)know your not ready, but some(D)day

your heart's gonna(Em)mend (C),

(G)(C)I'll give you love without(D)end, Say(G)when,

Say(Em)when, (C) (D) (G)