lonestar - "everything changed"


d bm g funny you
should show up after all these(d) years (em)everything sure has
changed(g)around(d) here i met a lot of (bm)strangers since they(g)put
that interstate(d)through girl(em)this aint the same town(g)we once
knew. CHORUS
(a)they put up the(d)plant where we use to(bm)park.that old(g)drive inns
a new(d)wallmart.the(a)cafe is(d)closed where our names were(bm)on that
corner(g)booth(em)everything has changed(a)except-for the way i
feel(d)about you.dm g a verse(2)
(d)that(bm)west bound santa-fe(g)dont stop here(d)anymore(em)you were
qne of the last to(g)get on(d)board.the(bm)street that we grew up
on,(g)you wouldnt(d)recognise.(em)oh, nothing been the same(g)since you
said(d)good-by. CHORUS. THANK YOU
William G. Hunt.