logsdon jimmy - "heres to you"


As recorded by: Jimmy Logsdon

[1] Way up in West virgina
Between midnight and [5] dawn
A [1] big blue car was rolling
It's wheels they [5] hummed a [1] song

The headlights shown out thru the night
To light the road so steep
While in the back Hank Williams lay
In a deep and dreamless sleep

He was headin' for Ohio
To play a show next day
'cause thousands there were waitin'
To hear and sing and play

The chauffeur reached into the back
And shook the sleepin' man
He said wake up, wake up my friend
And took him by the hand

He tried to wake him up again
And rushed him into town
But the doctor said too late, too late
He's gone to a better land

We've lost our greatest folk song star
This world has ever known
But tho he's gone on to his rest
His songs live on and on

He wrote songs about the bible
And songs about the hills
His songs about the lonesome blues
They gave the world a thrill

He left us songs of sadness
And songs for lovers, too
We'll never forget him, tho he's gone
Hank Williams - here's to you