Alison Krauss - "I've Got That Old Feeling"


I've Got That Old Feeling
written by Sidney Cox
done by Alison Krauss (I've Got That Old Feeling,, Rounder Music Company CD)
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NOTE, The C+B is a C position note on the second string and B note on the fifth the rest are open
This gives the song the Bass feel of C B A G F so hit the Bass as you make the chords
The C+G is a full C chord in the relative position
Capo #2
Inst. open C C+B Am7 C+G Fmaj7 (Em Dm C)

C C+B Am7 C+G Fmaj7
No matter what I say or do, I just can't seem to get inside your heart
Em Dm C
What have I done wrong
C C+B Am7 C+G Fmaj7
Lately your so far away, you just don't seem to hold me like you use to
Em Dm C
Some things going on

Em F C F G C
Chorus I've got that old feeling, your leaving, I'm so tired of good-bye
Em F G NC Em Dm C hold C
I can't wait on your love forever~~, while you change your mind

Inst. C C+B Am7 C+G Fmaj7 Em Dm C TWO TIMES

Morning finds us face to face,
I feel you starring through me while I'm talking
What's come over you
Familiar looks I recognize,
The same old looks that said good-bye the last time
Something I'm use to


inst. AS ABOVE


repeat first verse FADE LAST TWO CHORDS