Claude King - "Wolverton Mountain"


Recorded by Claude King
Words and music by Merle Kilgore & Claude King

[D] They [A7] say don't [D] go on Wolverton [A7] Mountain
If you're looking for a [D] wife
'Cause [A7] Clifton [D] Clowers has a pretty young [A7] daughter
He's mighty handy with a gun and a [D] knife.

Her tender [A7] lips are sweeter than [D] honey
And Wolver-[D7] ton [E7] mountain protects her [A] there [A7] [P]
[NC] The bears and [D] birds tell Clifton [A7] Clowers
If a stranger should enter [D] there.

All [A7] of my [D] dreams are on Wolverton [A7] Mountain
I want his daughter for my [D] wife
I'll [A7] take my [D] chances and climb that [A7] mountain
Though Clifton Clowers, might take my [D] life.


I'm [A7] goin' [D] up on Wolverton [A7] Mountain
It's too lonesome down here be-[D] low
It's [A7] just not [D] right to hide his [A7] daughter
>From the one who loves her [D] so.


But I don't [A7] care about Clifton Clowers
I'm gonna [D] climb up on his mountain
I'm gonna [A7] take the girl I love
I don't [D] care about Clifton Clowers
I'm a gonna [A7] climb up on that mountain
And I'll [D] get the one I Iove [fade]
I don't [A7] care about Clifton Clowers....