kersh david - "goodnight sweetheart"


song name = Goodnight Sweetheart
transcriber = Lester Mills/Charles Ross
writers = Williams,Lewis and Boudreaux
label = CURB
cat # = D2-77848

Goodnight Sweetheart
Bm E A
Window seat, thirty thousand feet above the ground
Bm E A
Blue moon beams on silver wings brings me down
D E7
Slippin' off my coat for the long nights flight
A F#m
I find a note she wrote last night
Bm E7
I can almost hear those words as I close my eyes

Goodnight sweetheart, sleep tight wherever you are
E A Bm E
God hold you in his arms while we're apart
Though you're far away your love will stay
D Bm
Tucked away here in my heart
E Bm E A
Goodnight sweetheart, sleep tight wherever you are

Bm E A
These days I leave the one who needs me more and more it seems
C#m D Bm E
It's a high price that she pays for the dreams I dream

(key change up one fret to) A=A#, D=Eb, E=F, Bm=Cm