John Anderson - "She Just Started Liking Cheatin' Songs"

She Just Started Liking Cheatin' Songs

Writer: Kent Robbins

Intro: C/D/G C/D/G

She just started liking (C) cheatin songs, and what's bothering (G) me
is I don't know if it's the (C) cheatin she likes (D) or just the melody(G)
1st verse:
(C) Well I never had a reason to (G) doubt her, as (C) far as I (D) know
she's been (G) true, but (C) lately she's had a different (G)look in her
I wonder if she's seeing somebody(D) new.
(C) You can't blame a body for (G) lookin, and there's a (C) world of (D)
out (G) there. But (C) lately she's had a differen't (G) look in her eye(A)
and lately
frankly I've been (D) scared.
2nd verse:
(C) I have to admit I do some (G) lookin to, but (C) she's the only (D) one I
love. (C) She still tells me she loves(G) me, (A)I wonder if my loves (D)
Chorus: twice and out

John Anderson and Don Williams( country music legends).
Im out, Dave Armstrong