Jack Ingram - "Sight Uneen"

E F#m
Old man comes out of the rain
A B7
His heart's as heavy as night
E F#m
There was a time he was soldier boy
A B7
He forgot the times before the war
E F#m
There was a girl he could have called his wife
A B7 E
But he let her slip right through his hands

He plays guitar on the corner some
Not enough to be a star
But it's enough just to have some fun
And make some people happy awhile

A B7
Searching for a sight unseen
E F#m
For what his father has not been
A B7 E
He's searching for a feeling he calls home

Went to church to pray for a sign
Throw me a rope, Lord, throw me a line
So I can hang on or I can climb
I don't really care

I just want to find my own way
Sing the songs that my guitar plays
Make a child smile, make a daddy cry
Make my mama sing a lullaby

I'm searching for a sight unseen
For what my father has not been
I'm searching for a feeling I call home