Faith Hill - "I Can't Do This Anymore"


(G)cut my hair the way you want(Em)it.

watched you become impor(C)tant,

quit my job to make our(Dsus)new home far(D)away(D7),

(G)Now you're Mister Success(Em)ful

and I'm queen of the tread(C)mill tryin to stay the size

you(Dsus)think that I should(D)stay,

(G)(C)I used to dream about(D)what I would be,

(C)last night I dreamed about the(D)washin' machine.


(G)I keep on(D/F#)givin,(Em)but I can't stop livin'(C)

a woman needs a little(Dsus)something of her own(D),

(G)I like happy(D/F#)endings(Em), I don't like depending(C),

I keep right on pretending(D), but I can't do that an(G)ymore


Now you(G)say I'm being(Em)silly,

but you don't know me,(C)really,

you never take the time to(Dsus)ask me how I(D)feel(D7),

(G)I keep the checkbook bal(Em)anced

I decorate your pal(C)ace,

you know I used to think that(Dsus)you were(D)king,

(G)(C)Somewhere deep down I know(D)you really love me,

(C)but you can't see that what we(D)have was not all I needed,

repeat chorus:


(Em)You try to tell me I'm not(C)being fair to you(D),

(Em)but life's too short for a(D)selfish attitude.

repeat chorus:

(G)(Em)(C) (Dsus)I can't(D)do that an-y - more___(G).

believe it or not Alan Jackson sang this song at his concert.
Faith sings it better.