haney ben - "swt ski team song"


SWT Ski team Song
By Ben Haney
Cover of gin and juice snoop dogg

Ga9 D Ca9 whole way occasional palm mute

So much drama at Swt
Its kinda hard being on the waterski team
But I some how some way
Keep coming up with funky ass shit nearly every single day
Can I kick a little something for my team
And make few friends as I ski through
donÕt you know its two in the morning and party still jumping
Cause my momma ainÕt home
We got women in the living room getting it on
And they aint leaving till six in the morning
So what you want to do
I got a pocket full of rubbers and my homeboys do to
So turn off the lights and close the doors
But what we donÕt love them whores
And weÕre gonna drink some beer to that
Tips up handle down while you other teams bounce to that
And I ll be rolling down the course smoking six balls
sucking on my rooster tail laid back
With my mind on my six and six on my mind (repeat)

This type of shit happens all the time
You gotta get yours before I get mine
Its time you listen to the B E N
I ve got that cultivating music that be captivating me
Everybody load up into the vans
Bring your sonic cups and liquor in hand
When we show up weÕre already drunk
People falling down and climbing out the trunk
No one understands SWT
We can drink all night, and get up and ski

Later on that day
Graham was on his way
He needed a jump of 138
To go to nationals in 2003
He swung out right and made his cut
He hit that ramp, and leaned out front
Put my cup of beer down
139 lets gets the hell out of town
Grab your shit and lets go
No one guessed and who wouldÕve known
Lets get on the road drive
We havenÕt been to nationals since 1995
DonÕt be mad thatÕs just how it goes
We donÕt love you hoes now IÕm out the door