haney ben - "my shoes"


My shoes
Benjamin Haney

Capo 1st G pha Ems hpg C phd drop Dsus wpointer finger
G Ems
No one would of thought, IÕd overcome
C Ds
This heartache, that youÕve done
I was the last to guess, it would end like this
I couldnÕt be further off, when I jumped and missed
You canÕt understand, what IÕm going through
For the things youÕve done, itÕll come back to you

Chorus G Em C
YouÕll know how it feels, to not see it come, from someone that you love
So many reasons, left unexplained, your trust thrown in your face
And a pain, of this magnitude, and your friends tried to warn you
Em step up pfing C Ds
One day youÕll know how it feels, to be in my shoes

Gave back all your things, on that summer day
But it hasnÕt kept your memory away
All the things, that IÕve accomplished
YouÔll be the only mark on my transcript
My loss for love, is your creation
When your day comes, itÕll be my salvation

Repeat chorus