haney ben - "loves all around you"


Loves all around you
Ben Haney

Chords Cad9 step down E ad9 step down A sus2 step back up to Cad 9
every time you must strike the A string on step down

YouÕve known it from the moment you came into this world
When your momma put her hands down upon you
Your Grandma smiled, said what a beautiful child {raise pitch in singing)
Grandpa yelled aloud, baby we are so proud
Older sister whispered, weÕll be friends to the end
DaddyÕs eyes teared up, first time he had ever cried

Because Love , Sweet love is all around you
Love, Love, Love ,Love surrounds you (repeat)

Some years down the road, your sitting at a bar
Its been a while since you gave your heart to a girl
Your so afraid, you turn every girl away
If you could only open your eyes again
In life you never know what might happen
With a broken heart, you gotta have a fresh start
You see a girl sitting all by herself
She sees you watching, breaks into a beautiful smile
You ask yourself could this finally be the one
And one day down the road, youÕll have kids of your own
Smiling faces light up when you come home
They make you pictures so youÕll think of them all day
You post them up all around your office
You keep a photo in your back pocket
It makes you feel like theyÕre always by your side
Today a small unmarked package arrives
You open it up, and itÕs a picture of your wife
Says hey baby, I was just thinking about you
And for the first time in your life, you realize (chorus)