haney ben - "im yours"


IÕm Yours
Benjamin Haney
Verse Gadd9 Dm/D/Dsus Cadd9 hammer/pul pointer fing

Something happened to me last Tuesday
The last thing I would have expected
My best friend asked me to stay the night
The tone in her voice didnÕt seem right
I layed down and kissed her on the cheek
Whisper in her ears sweat dreams
Rollover and hold my pillow tight
Felt her move as she turned on the light
I sat up to see what she needs
She softly climbed on top of me
She leaned in and gave me a kiss
I pulled away and asked what was this
She looked deep into my eyes
Said it took me so long to realize
Chorus G D C D
IÕm yours until the day I die
I promise to never leave your side this line G D/Dsus Cad 9
I want to be with you as I get old
Through summers, and winters so cold
IÕm sorry it took so long
But from this day on (pause) IÕm Yours

Pinched myself to see if it was a dream
Looked at her in disbelief
All those good times that weÕve shared
Many secrets we swore weÕd never tell
What on earth changed her mind
Could this possibly change mine
Is this real or just another game
Could our hearts feel the same
Took a second and looked in her eyes
I guess its time to finally realize
I woke up the next morning
To an empty bed of my own
No sign of her anywhere
No proof she was even there
Was just a crazy dream
Or do I really feel this way
In life the only things you regret
Are the chances you donÕt take
Its hard for me to say how I feel
But I canÕt hide it anymore
Through the words of my song Time to realize and tell someone chorus