haney ben - "i can do better"


I can do better
Ben/BJ Haney

Dsus D Dm DÊ
Knock on my front door and who else could it be
C9 G9
But your deceitful eyes lying on me
Always looking for the answers in someone elseÕs mind
No oneÕs gonna help you out this time
All your reasons lie within your heart
If you could only set them apart
IÕm not gonna tell you what is right and wrong
YouÕve gotta figure that out on your own

Emsus D c9
DonÕt be coming around here cause your feeling all alone
YouÕre the one who decided not to come home
That is the difference between picking up the phone
Asus C9
I can do better, by myself all alone

If you could only choose to set your heart free
Maybe it could find its way to me
Holding on to the past will only keep you there
And me on the side just isnÕt fair
Choose between yesterday and tomorrow
DonÕt leave a trail for it to follow
Close out all your deals and promises of one day
Despite whatever he may say

This is the last call on a one way flight
Be with me on a never ending ride.
To make it work we both have to try
I can do better, with you by my sideÊÊ

Verse , chorus
Asus c9
I can do better, with you by my side.