haney ben - "dancing in the rain"


Dancing in the Rain
Ben Haney

Open chord progression verse
EÊÊAs2Ê4thfret Csus2Ê2ndfret Bpower
Holdin my hand on a Saturday afternoon
Skies are grey never mattered anyway
No other placeÊÊIÕd rather be
Along side the creek in the hill country Asus2

Csus2ÊÊB pwrÊÊAs2
Rain drop falls from the sky
No reason for us to hide
CanÕt imagine a better day
Csus2 As2 Bpower down strum
ThatÕs why I cant stop dancing in the rain

Verse 2
Splash of mud, Êacross my face
Rinse it offÊÊunder the waterfall
Take off your clothes lets go for a swim
A day like thisÊÊwish there was no end
Sunlight peaks from over the ridge
Nothing left for us to miss
Rainbow shines all across the sky
ThatÕs why I canÕt stop dancing in the rain

Verse chords twice
Interlude twice
Verse twice

These feelings I canÕt explain
When you look at me from across the way
No words left for me to say
ThatÕs why I canÕt stop dancing in the rain.

Verse chords twice As2 E