haney ben - "crazy dreaming"


Crazy Dreaming
Ben Haney

Four chords finger picking
D hammer on e string, step up c9 no e, step down 2frett A string, open A

I donÕt know what IÕd I do
If couldnÕt be with you
IÕd probably go out of my mind

Not a day goes by
I need you by my side
To hold me and keep me warm

But since youÕve left
The only time I see you
Is when I lay down and close my eyes

Interlude C step down,
So IÕll turn out the lights, hold my pillow tight
Open A string twice
And keep on, crazy dreaming

The mistakes IÕve made
The things IÕve done wrong
I express through the words of my songs

But thatÕs always been problem
Cause you never liked my music
I want things I know I canÕt have

It wasnÕt my fault
The day my dad gave me this guitar
He said son reach for the stars

So before I go to bed
I remember the last thing you said
Keep on, crazy dreaming

Everyday my friend calls
Says Ben how you doing
Sometimes I worry about you

We donÕt see much of you
Things are tough for me too
But if you need me IÕm always here

Thanks for the call
IÕll see you tonight at the bar
The first round its on me

But I canÕt talk now
Gotta figure things out
And keep on , crazy dreaming

As life passes me by
I always wonder why
IÕve made the choices IÕve made

The funny thing about that
Not one thing I regret
Be same if I did it all again

One thing I come to trust
The lord up above
No matter what he believes in us

I know this true
Cause he lets me do things I do
In my, crazy dreaming