haggard merle - "goodbye lefty"


Words and music by Merle Haggard

CAPO: 2nd Fret/KEY: A/PLAY: G
[G] I'd love to hear a [D7] jukebox [G] play
I love you a [C] thousand [G] ways
Or if [C] you've got the [G] money, I've got the [D7] time
I'd walk a [G] mile for [D7] Mom and [G] Dad
And the good times [C] that we [G] had
Look what [C] thoughts will do
When you [G] sing old [D7] pal of [G] mine.

But the [D7] old, old man is gone
There'll be [C] no more Lefty [G] songs
How [C] much he meant to [G] me, nobody [D7] knows
The long black [G] veil that [D7] Alice [G] wore
Like words he sang some [C] years be-[G] fore
[C] she loved him, too [G] ...
[D7] That's the way love [G] goes.


Merle Haggard - The Way It Was In '51/1978 Capitol Records SW 11839