haggard merle - "dads old fiddle"


Recorded by Merle Haggard
Words and music by Glenn W. Martin

[D] There's two nails in the wall
Above the [G] door in the hall
Where [D] Dad's old fiddle hung for twenty [A7] years
I [D] recall as just a boy
How my [G] heart would beat with joy
When [D] Daddy would play the [A7] song I loved to [D] hear:

And Daddy would [G] play: - Fiddle ...

Daddy never left us any will
Tellin' us what he'd give
But ev'rybody knew his fiddle was mine
But the fiddle was all he left
So I had to teach myself
And I bet I played his song a million times:

And I would play: - Fiddle ...

Well, if Dad could see me now
Oh, I know that he'd be proud
To hear his old fiddle play once again
But mayble it won't be long
'Til I join him in a song
And together we play this song once again:

And then we'll play: - Fiddle ...