great divide - "round that bend"


Tiltle: 'Round That Bend
Author: McClure
Key: D

You can best get the Rhythm down by listening to the song, if you dont have
it already, go buy the CD and listen to it. Here Goes.

[D]I'm gettin' tired of [G]hangin round [D]this town [G G D D A A D]

[D]Waitin on some[A]day to roll a[D]round [G G D D A A D]

(follow above pattern for rest of the verses)

I know your daddy won't ever care for me
But I'm gettin kinda tired of playin let's wait and see


So[G]let's pack it [D]up

[G]Let it [D]roll

[G]Let's find a [D]highway and [A]see where it [D]goes

Get off of this,
Dead end street
Come sit beside me in the passenger seat

Well it's just you and me baby,
chasin the wind
Let's see what's waitin up for us around that bend.

Verse 2
I'll take my paycheck, and buy you a ring
The rest we'll spend on hotels and gasoline
We'll find a chapel in that early summer sun
I know it sounds crazy, but it sure sounds fun



[Bm]Baby don't look at me like I'm [D]crazy

[Bm]Just follow our hearts and see where they [A]go

I wanna Know if

[G]you'll pack it [D]up

(go to second line in chorus)

Other notes: When I saw TGD in concert they throw in a xx0223 (d
sus) chord on the ends of the D, if you don't know what I'm talking about,
don't worry. Get your friends drunk before you play, noone will ever
Or, go watch TGD in concert.

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