great divide - "but i do"


Key: C
Author: McClure, Shannon

Chords: (not really sure on the names of these)

Csus - X33010
Fsus - XX3311

Once again, I say it's best to buy listen to the CD, it will help this
transcription greatly.

When you say 'I'm sorry' [C] [Csus] [C]
It rights all your wrongs [C] [Csus] [C]
You whisper 'I love you' [F] ][Fsus] [F]
I'll forget what you've done [C] [Csus] [C]
When you say you'll [G] come back baby
You [F] know that I [C] run [C] [Csus] [C]

I shouldn't [F] miss you
After what you put me [C] through
I should be [F] bitter
I should never wanna talk to [C] you
[F] I should be changing directions
set my sights on someone [C] new
Well I shouldn't [F] miss you [G], but I do

That's got me thinking
About the way it used to be
Something has changed us
Is it you or is it me
Well the answers elude me
They remain a mystery


[F] Sometimes I see myself, and I'm [C/G] headed down an open [G] road
[E] Just one touch, and I'll be [F] all downhill, and I [G] know, whoa I know


OTHER NOTES: On the verses, it sounds best (to me)if you just play the A,
D, and G strings (except on the F and Fsus, just play the D and G), just
use your pinky to make the sus chords. The first chorus can be played
either using full strums or following the rhythem of the first verse. At
the bridge, I like to start using full strums, and bar the F (133211). You
can also bar the G (355433) if you like. I'll try to make a tab for this
sometime to make more sense of it.

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