great divide - "alive and well"


AUTHORS: McClure- Causley- J. Lester

INTRO: Your guess is as good as mine.

[G]Headed out for [D]Luckenbach on [G]Thursday Night

[G]My friends gave me a[G7] double dog [C]bet

[C]Made it to Austin, [G]by Friday mornin'

[D]Luckenbach was just [C] to far to [G] get

I called my brother from a pay phone at the Broken Spoke
Just to let him now where I'd been
Told him not to worry, I'd be home tomorrow
Please give the message to my friends.


[G]That I'm alive and well down in south Texas

Haven't spent all [G7]my money [C]yet

I'll be broke tomorrow, but [G] I don't really care

There's [D]somethings that [C]money won't [G]get.

Ol' Jerry Jeff was right about the Broken Spoke
You can drink and dance and have loads of fun
If your timin' is right on a friday night
You just might catch Gary P Nunn

[G]And you can go[C] home to the [Em] arma [Am] dillo

Hear country [C] music from Ama [D] rillo and [G]Abilene


Well I really hate leaving south Texas
And Oklahoma so far away
I've got to be at work on Monday mornin'
Oh what the hell I might as well stay

CHORUS (with yelling in the background)

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