graham mike - "sacking in a small town"


Sacking a Small Town
2001 Mike Graham

Intro D G D G D G A

[D]Lights are bright on[G]Friday night
[D]Fall in small Texas[G]towns
[D]People train like[G]moths to flame
[D]And there ain’t nobody[G]around
[D]Even the cops disregard the[G]shops
[D]And banks to hear the[G]band
[D]Play the alma mater for the[G]sheriff’s daughter
Cause she’s the[Emqueen of the hometown[A]fans.

[D]I’d seen it all when[G]I was small
[D]And I set it in my[G]mind
[D]If I grew up and[G]things tough
I’d[A]rob this small town[D]blind.

Yeah I’m[G]sackin a[D]small town
Like a[G]blindside[D]blitz
[G]When they ain’t[D]looking’s when I’m
[G]Gonna make my[D]hit.
It’ll be[G]payday[D]Friday
I’m[G]gonna take it[D]all
[G]Sackin a[D]small town
[G]Man I[A]hate foot[D]ball.

Sure enough, I grew up
And things were less than swell
I made some plans with Uncle Sam
And he taught me real well
How to drive a truck and blow stuff up
Until he let me go
For raising heck and bouncing checks
At a county line liquor store.

And there ain’t no work for a washed out jerk
With a mark against his name.
So I made new plans when I seen them stands
Where they play that damned old game.


Well the time was right that Friday night
It was a small town rivalry
There was no doubt they’d all turn out
Yeah I knew right where they’d be
The lights went down on that little town
And I parked at the bank and trust
The home team scored..I blew the door
Then I packed my truck.

They couldn’t hear for the band and the cheers
They were smellin a victory
Hell it’s all the same whoever won that game
It was a big time score for me.