graham mike - "be alright"


‘Be Alright’
2001 Mike Graham

Intro D G D A D G A

[D]Sunrise,[G] sunset[D]another day goes[A]rolling by
[D]Days turn to[G]months, years and a[A]whole damn life[A]
[D]Seems like[G]just last night[D]I was[A]eight years old
[D]Still[G]scared of the dark and[A]being alone[A]
[D]My mama[G]would hear me cry[D]and sit[A]down beside my bed
[D]She’d[G]hold my little hand and[A]kiss my little head.[A]

And my mama’d say…
[G]You know it’s gonna[D]be alright
[G]We’re gonna[D]make it through
[G]I won’t ever[D]let no harm[A]come to you
[G]We’ll do what we’ve[D]got to do
[G]We’ll get you[D]through the night
[G]If it’ll[D]help I’ll tuck you[A]in real tight
Yeah you’re gonna be alright.

I woke up this morning nearly twenty-four
Same age my daddy was when I was born.
I still feel like a little boy…I wonder if my daddy did
I can barely account for me let alone a kid.
I could teach him right from left, but how about right from wrong
I’ve still got questions about that of my own.

And my dad he’d say…
You know you’re gonna be alright
Whenever you’re time comes
You’ve got a good raising boy and you ain’t dumb
Just do what you’ve got to do
Do it in your own time.
Don’t let nobody else make up your mind.
Yeah you’re gonna be alright.
You’re gonna be alright.