fargo donna - "happiest girl in whole usa"


The Happiest Girl In The Whole U.S.A.
by Danna Fargo

Verse 1:
(D7)Good morn-in' (G)morning, hello (D7)sun shine
(C)Wake up sleep-y head
(G)Why'd we move that (G7)bo-jan-gle clock
So (D)far a-way from the (D7)bed
Just one more (G)minute
Thats why we (D)moved it
(C)One more hug or two
Do you (D)love wakin' up next to me
As much as I love wakin' up next to (G)you

Verse 2:
(D)You make the (G)coffee, I'll make the (D7)bed
I'll fix (C)your lunch and you fix mine
Now (G)tell me the truth
(G7)Do those old shoes look (D)funny, honey
It's almost (D7)time
Now (C)you be careful, gotta (D)go
I love you, (G)have a beautiful (C)day
And kiss the (D)happiest girl
In the (C)whole U.S.(G)A.

(C)Skip-a-dee - doo-dah
(G)Thank you, Lord, for (D)making him for (G)me
And (C)thank you for letting life (G)turn out
The way that I (A7)always thought it could (D7)be
There (G)once was a time
When I could not imagine
(C)How it would feel, to (G)say
I'm the (D)happiest (D7)girl
In the (C)whole U.S.(G)A.