Lacy J. Dalton - "Takin' It Easy"


Takin' It Easy
by Lacy J. Dalton

Intro A

I wanna go where the warm winds blow me
I just wanna ease my mind

I wanna run thru the sand and the sun
A A7
Leavin' it all behind
D Dm
Watch that ole moon risin' on the horizon
A Adim
Turnin' from gold to blue
Bm E A
It's just makin' it easy for takin' it easy with you

(Verse 1)
A A/Bb Bm
Somewhere far away those night birds call my name
E A Adim E
I can hear them singing love songs just for me and you
A A/Bb Bm
For many summer nights this dream has been the same
Its just you and me, the stars, and the sand and the sea

(Repeat CHORUS with different last line)
Bm E Adim A Adim E
It's just makin' it easy for takin it easy with you

(Verse 2)
A A/Bb Bm
Every time I look into your emerald eyes
E A Adim E
I just want to take you far away
A A/Bb Bm
Cause I know you deserve to live in paradise
And babe you know I'll get you there someday

(Repeat CHORUS with different last line and fade)