COWPIE Country Music Lyrics

haggard merle life of wine and roses

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     Recorded By:  Merle Haggard
     Submitted by:  George Richardson

     This song was recorded on the Best of Merle Haggard
     CD. I don't know what key he sang it in but this
     works for me. Because of my voice range I put a Fret
     Bar across the second Fret.

     (C) Once I lived a life of (F) wine and (C)Roses.
     I (G7) drank a lot back then for one (C) concern.
     Success for me lay (F) just around the corner.  I
     thought my (G7) social friends would help me make
     the (C) turn.

     CHORUS:  (C) Now I'm paying for the (F) days of
     wine and (C) and roses.  A (G7) victim of the
     drunken life I (C) chose.  Now all my social
     (F) friends look down their (C) noses.  Cause I
     (G7) kept the wine and through away the (C) rose.

     Interlude:  (C, F, C, G7, C)

     (C) I stood by and watched the (F) bottle take
     (C) control of me.  The (G7) turn I made was not
     the one I (C) planned.  And I watched my social
     (F) standing slip (C) away from me.  While I
     (G7) watched the bottle slowly take (C) command.
     (repeat chorus)
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