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Subject: "She's In Love"   by:  Mark Wills

Song:  "She's In Love"
Artist:  Mark Wills
Album:  Wish You Were Here
Song Writers:  Keith Stegall and Dan Hill
Intro:  F  C   F   C

Verse 1:
F                                                        C
Third of June she said goodbye       I watched her walk into the night

                    Bb                  C                   F         Bb   C
The hardest thing I ever did was let her go       

F                                                            C
We swore as friends we'd stay in touch       Best of friends don't mean that 

                    Bb                           C                      F     
            Bb    C
When that phone call comes to tell you       She's in love

She's in love· She's got that fire in her eyes   She's in love· How her smile 
lights up the sky

Bb                               C                                F           
          Bb      C
It's like she's walking on air but she's been set free       Still I can't 

She's in love· Strolling down a one-way street   She's in love· You'd swear 
her heart has wings

Bb           C                        F
She's in love why can't it be me

Verse 2
Told everyone I'm doing fine       Learned to get on with my life
I just want what's best for her       So I lied.
Found a note on my door last night       Said, "I'll be your friend, til the 
day I die"
But you should know I found someone       Now she's in love

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus
Note:  Key change to "G" on this chorus  (i.e G, D, C)
Out remains in key of "G"

This is how I transcribed the song, but corrections/suggestion are definitely 
more than welcome.
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