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Subject: The Rock Leroy  Parnell

The Rock is a great country song off  "Love Without Mercy" CD
Songwriters are Jim Varsos & Russell  Smith
Any comments or corrections would be appreciated
Jessie Boyte

The  Rock                                    Leroy  Parnell

               G                            G7                C
When  you wake up in the morning, and you  wonder
                        G                                   Em        D
Why no one's beside you, where I  usually  lay
            G                          G7                         C
And  you think you hear the sound of distance  thunder
                            G     D          G            
That's just your  old rock, rolling away

Chorus:                 C
          I  was your rock, standing strong for  you
          there  was nothing I wouldn't  do
          No  matter the cost
          D                    G          G7
          I  was ready to  pay
          Now  you say I'm only holding you  down
          Like  some old  rock
          You've  been dragging  around
           Yes  I'm your  rock
           D                     G       
           But  I'm rolling  away

               G     G7                        C
I'm  rolling away      on a downhill  grade
               G                                                            Em        D
I'm gonna come to rest side a mountain  of love some  day
            G                  G7                C
"cause  I finally understand, if your resting on shifting sands,  
           G     D                  G
even  a rock goes rolling away


                  G      D                         G
Yes  I'm your rock,     but I'm rolling  away
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